Secret Files of the Suicide Squad page 06 + pencils

I work in this comic as complete artist.

Include another page with pencils.

Size: A3 / 29.7 x 42 cm. /  11,7 x 16,5″

Secret Files of the Suicide Squad is a 40-page graphic novel digibook edition of the Suicide Squad home release. Its story is a prequel to the film, in which Enchantress is tasked with looking into the histories of the most prominent members of the potential Task Force X team to aid Amanda Waller’s decision of the team’s structure.

The digibook is a 6.5 x 10.5″ hardcover book with two Blu-ray disc slots in the back (the discs included being the theatrical cut and extended cut of Suicide Squad). The main cover uses “Worst Heroes Ever” poster art without the comic title added, though the title page and binding both display the title. The book was sold exclusively by Best Buy.